POWs on the run

In January 1945, German 20 officers and crew, including Kormoran Captain Theodore Anton Detmers, dug a 40-metre tunnel out of the Dhurringile Prisoner of War camp in central Victoria. Their escape sparked a 10-day manhunt throughout the State. All of the escapees were eventually captured and returned to the camp, with most …

Weekly Times review

… It is often deeply moving in how we come to see that while there is much and indeed appropriate emphasis on the men who fight and suffer tragedy, so too do women. Read Christopher Bantick’s review of We That Are Left in The Weekly Times. http://www.weeklytimesnow.com.au/country-living/bookshelf/we-that-are-left-by-lisa-bigelow-book-review/news-story/7b1b0cfb62beef0aaced6c453e888884