POWs on the run

In January 1945, German 20 officers and crew, including Kormoran Captain Theodore Anton Detmers, dug a 40-metre tunnel out of the Dhurringile Prisoner of War camp in central Victoria. Their escape sparked a 10-day manhunt throughout the State. All of the escapees were eventually captured and returned to the camp, with most …

Emily Paull Review

While writing about tragedy, Bigelow’s writing is never heavy-handed.  This novel is also rich in hope… Beautiful review by Emily Paull. You can read it here.    

The Noveltea Corner review

There’s always something magical about reading about a place you know and love, and for me, We That Are Left is full of them, from the city to the country and places I have known since childhood. Thanks to Stef for a lovely, thoughtful review on The Novelty Corner.

Writing history is in the detail

Blue willow china, lemon delicious and floral carpet; history isn’t just about war and famous people in funny costumes. History is in the great aunt’s lounge room that you visited as a child, that time capsule of tin toys and steamed puddings and jewellery that held memories of lost loves …

Blog tour off and running

Over the coming weeks, I will be contributing posts to many wonderful book blogs. Thanks you to all of the bloggers helping me to promote We That Are Left. Virtual Blog Tour! We That Are Left by Lisa Bigelow  

Weekly Times review

… It is often deeply moving in how we come to see that while there is much and indeed appropriate emphasis on the men who fight and suffer tragedy, so too do women. Read Christopher Bantick’s review of We That Are Left in The Weekly Times. http://www.weeklytimesnow.com.au/country-living/bookshelf/we-that-are-left-by-lisa-bigelow-book-review/news-story/7b1b0cfb62beef0aaced6c453e888884

Finding the Sydney

In 2007, shipwreck hunters announced that they had found the wreck near the coast of WA. It turned out to not be true but the spotlight was again on searching for the Sydney.